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Perfect Premium Dog Food

Excellent Premium Dog Food

Pro Hunter Premium Dog Food


Suitable for Instinctive Nutrition for Your Dogs, with the recommendations of our expert Veterinarians; We are preparing the content of our foods, considering their special situations (Overweight, Weak, Neutered, Moving, etc.).

Full and Balanced

The most important issue for us; The healthy content we prepare; It is the presence of the same amount of every product and every grain in those products. It contains 83% Animal Protein; 30% and 27% Protein, 20% and 17% Fat Proportions, with Table Oil Content; Ideal food for Hunting, Police, Farm Dogs; Vitamin and mineral values will be exactly as your dog needs, in the content of each kibble; We take care to have a balanced pattern.

Always Fresh

In our own factory, we produce food that will be inspected at every stage and bring them together with your pet friends within 3-4 weeks. As it is done in imported foods; We do not use durability enhancing chemicals to adapt to production, storage, shipment abroad and storage shelf conditions in the country of origin.

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