the best we have to be

If you're a parent who says "my pet is the best pet ever", no food can be too natural, nutritious or tasty. Believe us! We understand that. This is how we started.BILMAMA was born in Ankara more than 30 years ago. We know that you are trying to buy the best food within your power to make sure that your beloved pets eat the healthiest and most nutritious food possible.We know that you have used products that are touted to you as very high quality, price performance products, always fresh, etc., and in the end you either settle or you are not satisfied. Over 30 years we have grown a little too - we have many more recipes for dogs and cats and a much bigger team - but we still remain true to the vision and beliefs that started it all.

Each recipe is unique to us and the ingredients in our products are unlikely to be replicated on the market.*We formulate our foods using high-quality ingredients that provide industry-leading levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and more for the health benefits you can see. We source and use fresh, real whole ingredients from farmers we know and trust. In most of our products, we take care not to use preservatives, fillers or anything artificial. Our belief is that in every single food we produce, we dedicate our labour to people and communities who are committed to making life better for pets and pet parents. At BİLMAMA, we work hard to help every pet live the healthiest and happiest life possible. We know it's not just food in that bowl, it's love. That's why we have to be the best.


Our Vision

Our primary goal is to reduce dependence on foreign markets by acting with the responsibility of being the best and to carry our own national food brands to the world markets and to be permanent in those markets. In line with this goal; not to avoid taking better and braver steps.


Our Mission

All we believe in is dedicating our labour in every single food we produce to people and communities who are committed to making life better for pets and pet parents.

Always Fresh

Meet fresh, edible, complete and balanced formulas with great ingredients for cats and dogs. We continue our work with the principle of sustainable production that does not compromise on quality.

We are at your service with our expert staff at every stage of production. In order to answer all your questions, we constantly provide our employees with trainings related to their professional fields, follow sectoral developments and implement changes..