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Our Quality Policy

Quality Content

Meet fresh, edible, complete and balanced formulas with great ingredients for pets of all breeds. We continue our works with the principle of sustainable production that does not compromise on quality.

Expert Staff

We are at your service with our expert staff in every stage of production. We are constantly following our professional trainings, sectoral developments and applying the changes to our employees in order to answer you in any matter you are curious about.

100% Natural

We create the most suitable formula for the development of your pets for you. In addition to being natural, we formulate all kinds of nutritional values that are needed daily and in the development process in a complete and balanced manner.

R & D

We continue to work with our constantly developing team to develop new products and to renew existing products. The most important reference in our research is your preferences. We design our product portfolio to meet your needs at maximum level according to your preferences.

Standard Production

We believe in the Quality of Production. Of course, there are foods that have proven their quality in the world preferred in the market. But there is one more thing we know. We do not produce foods that have been on the road for months until they reach you, kept in warehouses for months in our country and protected with additives to preserve their freshness.

Our guarantee

Quality Content, Sustainable Production, Maximum Care in Supply and Supply; Keeping Price Performance at a Reasonable Level.


With the advice of our veterinarians who are experts in their fields, it is suitable for the Internal Motivational Nutrition of Your Cats and Dogs; We prepare the contents of our foods considering their special situations (Overweight, Weak, sterilised , Movable, etc.).

Complete and Balanced

The most important issue for us; healthy content we prepare; the same amount of each product and each grain in that product. The nutrients in its content; full of vitamins and mineral values, the content of each food grain will be as much as your pet needs; in a balanced way.

Always Fresh

In our own factory, we produce food to be inspected at every stage and we bring together with your domestic friends in 3-4 weeks. As in imported foods; We do not use chemicals that increase durability to accommodate production, storage, overseas shipping, and storage shelf conditions in the country of delivery.

Who We Are?

We show the same importance for pets as we care about our diet.

Established in 1993 in Ankara, our factory produces poultry feed, bovine and ovine feeds, concentrated feeds for eggs and broiler chickens, cat and dog food. You will receive Cat and Dog Food from the Factory. Dry Cat Dog Foods, Fresh Foods, Canned Foods are fresh and high quality.

With three veterinarians and two agricultural engineers in production, with universities around Our company performs R & D activities of cooperation conducted a first in Turkey in 2002 as the production of dog food. With the help of new machinery and equipment, cat food is produced as well as dog food.

With our expert staff sheep, cattle and poultry farming (Ankara and around 700,000 broiler and broiler chickens) make in as well as experimental animals feed of research hospitals and recognized laboratory in Turkey, we meet the feed requirement.