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Why Choose BilMama Products?

With the advice of our veterinarians who are experts in their fields, it is suitable for the Internal Motivational Nutrition of Your Cats and Dogs; We prepare the contents of our foods considering their special situations (Overweight, Weak, sterilised , Movable, etc.)

Complete and Balanced.

The most important issue for us; healthy content we prepare; the same amount of each product and each grain in that product. The nutrients in its content; full of vitamins and mineral values, the content of each food grain will be as much as your pet needs; in a balanced way.

Always Fresh Content

In our own factory, we produce food to be inspected at every stage and we bring together with your domestic friends in 3-4 weeks. As in imported foods; We do not use chemicals that increase durability to accommodate production, storage, overseas shipping, and storage shelf conditions in the country of delivery.

Featured Products

Performance Pet Foods

Hunting Dogs, Police Dogs, Guard Dogs Special Food For Them.

Dog Foods

Pure, Flavorless Content

Cat Foods

Special Formula, Complete and Balanced Content

Wet Pet Foods

High Protein Nutrient Content



Real Ultra Premium Dog Food of Turkey

Pro Hunter Dog Foods, Ingredients are carefully prepared; It brings you the closest content to your dog's ancestral nutrition. 85% of its protein source is of animal origin.

Protein 30%

It has a unique content for your active, sportive dogs. With Pro Hunter, they will have the protein source they need to take daily.

Source of Omega from Fish

Thanks to the flavor of Lamb Meat and the balanced oil of Salmon, Pro Hunter contains a real source of Omega 3-6 Fatty Acids.

Ultra Premium

In addition to protein sources such as meat, fish; It also contains vitamin and mineral source enriched with dried sugar beet, prebiotic oligosaccharide and yucca extracts.


It is not a surprise that we have started to establish a firm foothold in Turkey in the Pet Food industry. We continue our daily business by developing the principle of "Healthy Pets". Our services continue to develop with your trust.


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We send our products to dozens of countries from Europe to the Middle East and Central Asia.